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Haemmerstrasse 6
58708 Menden

Cem Baris Oezgueven

CONTURA MTC is specialist in conformal cooling of injection molds. The focus is on the conception, construction and production of conformal temperature controlled tool inserts. As a young and innovative company, CONTURA MTC offers the customer a product that mostly achieves an increase in quality of plastic parts and also improves economic aspects of production processes. The company is located at a young industrial area in Menden (Sauerland), Northrhine Westphalia, Germany. Recently about 20 employees are working at CONTURA MTC. The company building is divided into different “areas”. There is the office building with modern workspaces, the event hall where seminars and workshops can take place and a technical center.

Prodajna akcija

Increase sales in Europe and worldwide and bring the benefits of contour-following temperature control to the customer. Improving the carbon footprint in the plastic injection molding industry by optimizing the overall process and reducing cycle times.

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